Thursday, October 7, 2010

Livinglass: Decorative Eco-Friendly Glass

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Recycled glass has a way of looking like recycled glass. Occasionally there are times when a designer wants a sustainable product that doesn’t scream “green!” Many wood-based or metal-based green products are out there, but what about glass?
Glass is a relatively easy resource to recycle. While smashing it up and combining the pieces with a binder may save on the energy of melting it, the result has a certain recycled look that is inescapable. Livinglass offers a recycled glass product that looks more like art work than recycled glass.
A product available in Australia that is similar is  3-Form EcoResin. Have a look at their website to see the fantastic range of products .
Livinglass combines recycled glass and resin with interlayers that are recycled, recyclable or renewable. Everything from leaves, to bamboo, to sand dollars can be integrated into pieces of glass that create ambiance and spatial division with character.

From Rubbish To Renoir: Mosaic Tile by Ellen Blakeley via 3 rings blog

 As we've discussed inspiration is all around you - & is a great thing to share!
Ellen Blakeley a San Franciscan resident discovered her passion for mosaic glass tile after passing a shattered bus stop. 'The senseless act of destruction left piles of glass on the sidewalk which, instead of seeing as garbage, Blakeley saw a potential for art. At the time she was working as a professional ceramist, an art that easily translated into the world of mosaic glass. Blakeley’s mosaic tiles are colorful and vivacious, leaving their past lives in the dust to become glass pieces of art. ' Amanda Smith

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